Rug Cleaning


We wash and clean all kinds of rugs and carpets in three ways. Power wash, traditional wash and hand wash. Our specialty is Persian rugs, oriental rugs and as well as 100 percent silk rugs. The way we clean and wash your rug is very unique and professional. We use special shampoo for wool and silk rugs which will make your rugs look clean and shiny. Our years of experience and knowledge give us ease to take care of your rugs in the best way.
Anti-Allergen Treatment/scotch guard

Wool/Moth Treatment

*Topical Deodorization

*Topical enzyme deodorization for musty or light smoke odors

Treatment for moth damage/ mildew and/or water damage

Wrapping in Paper available

Stain Removal


If tea, coffee, juice, alcohol, shoe polish or any greasy substance stains a carpet, the first step is to absorb it immediately with non-dyed cloth, blotting paper or tissue paper.Sponging with wool or silk and a compatible solution for removing the specific substance (tea, wine, and grease) should be done till the coloring substance has been wiped off. Each of the stains has different techniques for removing it. Many common substances are best removed rugs and carpet with following methods: a)Soft drinks, milk, coffee, tea, alcohol and chocolate can be removed by a mixture of lukewarm water and soap or non-alkaline detergents. b)Eggs and bloodstains can be removed with mixture of salt, on alkaline detergent and lukewarm water. c)Human and animal urine is best removed with white vinegar with lukewarm water.Clean grease, shoe polish and fatty substance with non-alkaline detergent and white vinegar. When fat spills on carpet, it should be first gathered with a spoon, then a piece of non-dyed cloth of white blotting paper should be over it and pressed slightly with hot iron. With this method the fat is absorbed.

Rug Moths


Tinea Pellionella is the scientific name for the moth that is a tiny butterfly, 9 to 12 millimeters long.In the first two to three weeks of their lives, the female moth lays about a hundred eggs between the folds of rugs and other woollen textiles. In one of the stages of its growth, the eggs of the butterfly are transformed into larvae. These larvae cause damage to fibres of the rug by weaving webs on the wool and creating tunnels inside the fibre.To protect the carpet from damage by moths, use compatible moth repellent available in the local market.When storing a carpet have it cleaned and washed and protected by use of mothballs.Yet another way to combat moth is to frequently spray the front and back of the rug with anti-moth capsules containing insecticide fumes.




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